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The variety of accommodations may surprise you at the Broadus Motels. Log, brick and deco-block buildings make up the three main motels brought together under one name. They are only the beginning of your overnight pleasures, including teepee.jpg (7275 bytes)Teepees, Cowboy Cabins, Covered Wagons, 'Yahoozie' Jacuzzi Suite, RV and tent Camping, along with all the modern conveniences of the big city, at a small town price.

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The office for all your needs is at the Quarter Horse Motor Inn. This is the original site of the 1919 Powder River Hotel, the first in Broadus. It also houses Cowpokes Likkor, the State Liquor store. Our friendly service will remind you that Broadus, Montana is known as 'the Wavingest Town in the West!'

All of the motels are noted for their clean and comfortable rooms. The housekeeping is second to none. Travelers often note that these are the cleanest rooms of their trip. But variety is the spice of this special place.

Authentic Teepees, Cowboy Cabins, the White Buffalo Campground, original restored covered sheep wagon, the 'Yahoozie' Jacuzzi Suite and several private houses are available. Also available are, new color cable TV's, kitchenettes, AC, a modern 24-hour phone system including voice mail, in room Web TV and it's all near the famous Judges Chambers Restaurant.

Don Ellis of Livingston, Montana supplied our teepees. A friend and expert in the various reconditioned modes of early western living. Don can give you the long and short of one of the best mobile homes ever designed, the Native American teepee. Don also restored our early century sheep wagon. It was home to sheepherders as they took their flocks to new range and water. This covered wagon provides comfort, kitchen and quarters for the herders faithful border collie. Our wagon is complete with an original stove and is ready to be used even now. These quarters are available by the night, for an experience few travelers find.

teepee2.jpg (6662 bytes)The teepees are located in the White Buffalo Campground, which also has RV and tent camping. With new bathroom and shower facilities you'll enjoy sleeping as a camper or in one of our larger Cowboy Cabins. The Cowboy Cabins are two room suites with full bathrooms and kitchens. Simple antique furnishings make for a comfortable rest, overlooking the teepees and campground in this wooded environment.

Even our regular rooms have special touches. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get a room with one of the original murals by artist Ginger Justin. Continual remodeling keeps the rooms as clean and comfortable as any you'll find.

For those special occasions or just for the heck of it, try our new, fun and relaxing 'Yahoozie' Suite. It includes a private 5 person Jacuzzi, both steam and dry sauna, king size bed and private porch looking out on the western landscape. Arrangements can be made for fruit, champagne and flowers in any of our rooms, but it's even more special here.

Several houses create the possibility for you to center your family or group vacation in Broadus. With rooms in the Black Hills and National Parks going for a premium, we have alternatives to meet your every need at 1/2 to 1/3 the price. Whether hunting, vacationing or just getting away for a needed rest, stop along the Powder River in the 'Wavingest Town in the West', Broadus, Montana.

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